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Delpfine Welch Designs
Handcrafted one-of-a-kind jewelry

I love to take a rock, transform it into a gem, add metal, and wind up with a beautiful piece of jewelry

I learned to cut cabochons at the Houston Gem and Mineral Society (HGMS). I was encouraged by the club members who taught me, and by winning Best in Show with my very first stone at the 1991 HGMS show.

Now, I design most of my one-of-a-kind jewelry around my cabochons.

I have a PhD in geology and I married a rockhound. My husband collects rocks in South Texas and makes a trip or two to West Texas every year. I like to cut the fossilized wood, agates, and rhyolites that he collects and use them in my jewelry.

I cut and use other stones as well because I love the bold blues, greens, purples, and reds of lapis luzuli, malachite, sugilite, and a variety of jaspers. These stones and those from my husband coupled with the simple lines that I love make for a Delpfine Welch design

In addition to the lapidary work, I do all the metal fabrication. This includes making metal beads and links, clasps, and ear wires. I like the way it feels to make it all myself. I like to learn, so I enjoy trying new techniques that take me in different directions.

Delpfine Welch
Delpfine Welch Designs
Austin, TX